Price Promise BANNER

Who is listening?

So many online only radio stations claim they have millions of listeners, when in fact there is currently no accurate information available.

What we can say about our network of stations is that we have a very strong 35+ demographic with a 60% Male & 40% Female mix.

Courtesy of the last RAJAR survey in UK they advise that listening hours via online/apps grew by 6.6% year on year, to now account for 9.4% of all radio listening and 17.8% of digital listening.

Online radio advertising is still a misunderstood medium for many businesses, but can you really afford to miss the ears of so many listeners by not using such competitive advertising rates?

Can we tempt you?

  • We will not tie you into long monthly contracts.

  • You can run your advertising campaign for whatever duration you wish.

  • We will not charge you for writing, voicing or producing a 30 second radio commercial.


  • If you have a written quote from any other radio station, we'll match the price AND take off an additional 20%.

  • We'll place your advertising campaign on ALL our radio stations.

  • Your advertising campaign will also feature on our websites, social media pages and emailed newsletters.